Pump Gassa BBprint

€455 - 70% €140
*European size

Are you ready to break from conventions?

Gassa pumps, epitome of logomania, is dynamic and original, featuring the iconic BB print that represents not only the name but also the should of the brand. The print, alongside innovative materials such as PVC, offers a fresh twist. Perfect to match with skinny jeans or a cocktail dress.

The BB print used both in the upper and in the lining is the result of a study inspired by the logomania trend. After numerous positioning tests for the lettering and colour combination, BBPRINT was born, unique and unmistakable and forever linked to the brand.
Gassa BBprint, with transparent PVC upper edged in BBprint calf leather. BBprint calf leather lining and BBprint leather heel. Color: BBprint Heel height: 75mm

Shipment free to Italy, 3-5 working days.
Shipment of €25,00 to the countries of the European Union.
Shipment of €80,00 for countries outside the European Union.
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