Benedetta Boroli | Eazy Tiger Magazine

In the heart of New York's urban jungle, designer Benedetta Boroli has conquered the streets with the Amber boot in the Incantesimo colorway. In the evocative "Market Couture" editorial of Eazy Tiger Magazine, immortalized by the lens of Clara Pafundi, the model shows off the iconic 90mm high anthracite heel .
The contemporary and refined design of Benedetta Boroli's creations blends with the vibrant energy of the city that never sleeps, giving a touch of class to the dynamic urban scenario. Amber boots are not only a best-seller of the brand, but a wearable work of art, celebrated for impeccable comfort.

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Photographer: Clara Pafundi
Stylist & Creative Direction: Dontaya Bobb
Model: Larissa Almeida at The Industry
Hair & Makeup: Avery Golson
Nail Artist: Jocelyn Rodriguez
Lighting: Pierre Bonnet
Fashion Assistants: Keema Radway, Tayanna Green
Special thanks to DOORS
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