Benedetta Boroli

I was born in Novara with an unconditional love for style that led me to Milan , the fashion capital.

An innate passion, cultivated since childhood by designing innovative projects where the main theme was footwear .

In recent years I have put aside my artistic nature to follow the family's entrepreneurial footsteps and obtained a degree in Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage , collecting experiences in the field of children's television and in Sky Italia.

But passions must always be cultivated.

"I chose to veer, to follow my path and my passions, dedicating myself to what I have always loved: shoes, style, design."

I studied design and collection development, pattern making and prototyping at the Ars Sutoria School in Milan and completed professional experience in the areas of the Brenta Riviera.
I implemented the technical and design skills alongside the economics knowledge acquired during my studies.

“I like to lose myself in the search for innovative and cutting-edge materials and dedicate time to a careful study of shapes, colors and style. This is where my creations come from."

Each model comes to life from the combination of passion, creativity and technique and is designed for an elegant and dynamic woman who wants to feel feminine without sacrificing comfort.